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Student Life and Services

In an intimate setting, where an array of nationalities mingle, MIBD brings students together, all passionate about their goals.
Elevate Your Career

Beginning with the Swiss Experience

A two-week immersion programme, where students learn about the Swiss culture and gain insight into Swiss industries, a nucleus is built, one for sharing creative ideas while enjoying leisure activities.

In a peaceful and enriching environment, each student embarks upon their unique journey and builds their personal bridge to the future.

Why Study in Switzerland and the Montreux Area

  1. Culture, commerce, and cachet.
  2. Consistently ranked as the number 1 country in the world, based on a range of criteria, from economic influence, security, and power to citizenship, safety, and quality of life.
  3. Also ranked in the top 3 worldwide for innovation, stability, and a strong legal framework. a. “…including entrepreneurship, adventure, citizenship, cultural influence, heritage, economic movement, openness to business, power, and quality of life.”
  4. Famous for its banking, luxury goods, watchmaking, and technology sectors, Switzerland is the hub for many of the world’s most prominent multinational companies and a hotbed for some of the most innovative start-ups.
  5. Postcard perfect natural surroundings.
  6. National identity of integrity and hard work.
  7. Unique work ethic that balances professional productivity with family time.
  8. Respectful worldview that favours innovation and compassion over violence.
  9. With four official languages, international business is in the Swiss DNA and at the core of every MIBD course.

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