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An institution of higher education offers a personalized experience within a Swiss environment. Building a bridge to careers.
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Montreux Institute of Business Development promotes its own educational values for students.


Create context within education tradition.innovation.

The Montreux Institute of Business Development (MIBD) differentiates itself as an institution of higher education which offers a personalized experience within a Swiss environment. Building a bridge to careers, MIBD programmes create context within education.

Its aim is to connect studies with enterprise through both remote learning and face-face programmes. Its specialisations fulfil a need within the world of business whilst the engagement of start-ups, scale-ups, corporations, and qualified professors in the field, provide quality education.

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    MIBD Aim

    To deliver higher education following the Swiss Education principles, which have made Switzerland for many years a great destination and a safe environment for your studies.

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    The U21 ranking

    Is the only report in the world to compare national higher education systems looking at nations rather than individual universities. The 2020 U21 report ranks 50 countries overall and across four areas: resources, environment, connectivity, and output. With a population of only 8.4 million, Switzerland is a small country and has been competing against other larger countries for many years.

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    According to this ranking

    Switzerland positions itself second in the world; it has held this position since 2015. Switzerland is advanced this year by the United States and followed by Denmark, Singapore, and Sweden. Neighbouring countries such as Germany, France, and Italy rank 16th, 17th, and 30th respectively.

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Promotes the development of responsible future leaders in business management.

MIBD provides students with a flexible and personalised learning experience, combining Swiss and international standards and values. Its cosmopolitan and safe learning environment promotes the development of responsible future leaders in business management.

Exceptional faculty and industry experts lead learners on a student journey, which interconnects theory to practical applications and real-life contexts. In alliance with industry partners, MIBD programmes stimulate networking and collaboration and improve graduates’ employability with the aim of developing a sustainable society.

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