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Located in Spectacular Montreux, Switzerland

Switzerland is a mixture of tradition and innovation, and Montreux embodies the two. At proximity to renowned companies such as Nestlé and Swatch, it retains its history through its Château de Chillon castle. Moments of tranquility, hiking or snowshoeing in the woods, are intermingled with eventful activities such as an evening at the Montreux Jazz festival or a night out skiing at Portes du Soleil.

Develop these five competencies for successful career opportunities!

Generating Customer Value

  • Pursuing Excellence
  • Behaving as a Brand
  • Ambassador
  • Service-Oriented
  • Passion

Agility in Business Opportunities

  • Managing risk
  • Seizing opportunities
  • Maintaining a strategic perspective
  • Adapting business with agility
  • Creating value
  • Driving revenue

Disrupting Positively

  • Creating and Questioning
  • Problem-Solving
  • Believing in opportunities
  • Demonstrating curiosity
  • Thinking outside of the box
  • Transforming and Innovating
  • Creative Thinking

Inspiring others

  • Leading charismatically
  • Leading courageously
  • Hiring and developing talents

Shaping the future

  • Commitment to Community
  • Market awareness
  • Sustainability consciousness
  • Contributing to tomorrow’s society

Academic Programmes

Enter a work environment and embrace an in-class internship experience from your first day at MIBD and throughout your studies.

MIBD offers undergraduate and graduate degrees with specialisations in Hospitality Business Management, Luxury Brand Management, and Digital Marketing and Production. MIBD’S Swiss Experience is a 2-week programme where participants discover the best practices of well-known Swiss companies and brands through visits, tours, lectures, presentations and workshops.

Building a bridge to careers, our programmes create context within education. The curriculum begins with a student’s entrepreneurial idea within a Central Course and weaves a thread throughout the semester and your studies. Semester courses interconnect to the Central Course. Students are coached by a different company every semester.

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Bachelor's degree in Business Administration (BBA)

Enterprises look beyond curricula to transferable skills and knowledge demanded in the modern work environment. Building a bridge to careers, MIBD’s BBA focuses on hands-on experience and creates context within education.

Fall 2022 Registration – Now Open!

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Master's degree in Business Administration (MBA)

Future employees want to create links between potential employees and their organisations. MIBD students and industry partners become co-creators within the student’s journey.

Fall 2022 Registration – Now Open!

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MIBD's Swiss Experience - Summer programme

This 2-week programme will enable participants to discover the best practices of well-known Swiss companies and brands through visits, tours, lectures, presentation sand workshops.

Summer 2022 – Four Unique Tours – Available Now!

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MIBD provides degrees and specialisations that maximize employability in today’s business world.

The curriculum is designed in such a way as to build a bridge to careers from the beginning of a student’s studies, creating a unique learning experience that integrates and simulates a context of work within education.


Luxury Brand Management

Create a customer experience. Attract and retain clients, Tell a story. Uncover powerful insights to support luxury brands in developing emotional connections through engaging and memorable experiences. Build a bridge to an array of careers such as Luxury Brand Management or PR Management.


Digital Marketing And Production

Penetrate the world of digital marketing through implementation, production, and hands-on experience while overcoming barriers of space and time. Open the doors to careers ranging from content management and strategy to UX design. Be part of the exciting ever-growing world of digital marketing professionals.

Hospitality Business Management

This prepares individuals for a global career with a hospitality background. Particular emphasis is placed on developing professional competencies such as Effective Communication and Customer Service, Information Technology, Teamwork and Leadership. Industry projects are incorporated as well as sustainable and innovative practical case studies.


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